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Our website main goal is bring together miniature and mini puppies from different Breeders across the country to families ready adopt and welcome them into their home at very affordable and fantastic prices
We take out time to observe and make sure our Miniature puppies are up to standard, health wise before we can breed them. We make sure our bitch to breed from is calm, friendly, and gentle for breeding. A calmer female will also make a better mother who is less likely to be snappy or insecure when it comes to her puppies.
We raise only AKC quality Miniature puppies. Our Miniature puppies are socialized with family from an early age, and in turn, make great family members. If you want a loyal, affectionate, comical and a fun loving breed such as Dachshund, Corgi, pugs, Mini French Bulldog etc, the Miniature puppies would make a great fit. Our reputation is very important. All puppies will come with AKC registration, 5 generation AKC pedigree certificate, health record, and health certificate and health warranty. If you need any help or have any inquiry, don’t hesitate to CONTACT US


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