Quick Guide into Taking Care a Dachshund Puppy

You just welcome your new pet to the family, a cute dachshund puppy. It’s time to fasten your seat belt for the long journey you are about to embark on. Wondering what am I talking about here? It is taking care of your newly adopted dachshund puppy. If you want your cute wiener dog to be your best friend, you must be ready to provide adequate care and training for it. Taking care of your dachshund puppy goes beyond sit, stand, and lie down command. Every family member must partake in the process to ensure the dachshund baby gets the best of care available.

I would be highlighting below the steps it entails to take care of a newly adopted dachshund puppy. 

• Purchasing the Necessity

Just like babies need essentials amenities to survive, your newly adopted puppy also needs some important materials put in place for survival and peaceful existence. Buying food, water bowls, bed, crate, leash, and the collar is the first step to introducing your dachshund puppy to its new environment.Taking care of the puppy would be tedious and frustrating without any of the materials ready.

• Regular Feeding of your Puppy

At the early stage of your dachshund puppy’s life, ensure you feed it properly and regularly. You must be aware of the kind of food you can feed your puppy if gotten from a breeder. Instantly changing its food may cause indigestion due to its nature. Their body reacts to the slightest of changes that occur around them. However, you can gradually change its food to suit your preference as it grows. Changing food causes diarrhea for some puppy, but probiotic foods can aid transitioning from one food to another without any challenges.

• Get your Puppy Familiarized with the Environment

Moving to a new environment without mummy and littermates to join a new set of people makes the dachshund puppy anxious. Within the first week of its arrival, you will need to devote more of your time for your newly adopted pet. Giving your puppy a lot of attention aids its quick adjustment to the new environment. Do not stay far away from the puppy, except it requires you to leave for a while. And when you leave, ensure there is a member of your family supervising the puppy. Leaving your puppy unsupervised may bring about separation anxiety.

• Begin Training and Playing Activities

Start teaching your puppy the general commands like come, go, stay, and sit. Engaging dachshund puppies at the early stage of their life helps to eradicate every bad habit in them. This would give you peace of mind in the future as your dachshund puppy would be completely submissive to you. The best way to show your dachshund puppy you are the leader is by using treats to control its movement and activities. The treats are a way of captivating their attention. You must note that not all dog tricks work for dachshund puppy because of the shape of their body (short legs and long back). Therefore, to avoidinjuries, only start with commands that are simple and ideal for your dachshund puppy’s health.

• Getting your Dachshund Puppy Pet Assurance

Dachshund puppies are injury-prone, especially with their back. For most dachshunds, it requires the attention of veterinary doctors and surgery to relieve it of the pains. Surgery usually requires high cost, and this comes with a lot of worries if it happens at the wrong time. With pet insurance, your dachshund puppy would be getting the care it needs whenever there are any challenges. Emergencies such as accidents and illnesses may arise at any time. Preparing ahead helps to cover all costs with no burden on you. However, if you choose not to sign up for insurance, you must make provision for unforeseen circumstances, such as medical needs.

• Visit a Veterinary Doctor with your Puppy

You must take your dachshund puppy for a checkup after two or three days of bringing it home. Book an appointment before deciding on taking in the puppy. Inquire about the future spay/neuter of your puppy from the vet doctor. With the help of the vet doctor, you would get adequate information about the care and medical issues your puppy might need to deal with to avoid complications. Dachshund puppies from a reputable breeder tend to be free from all sorts of health challenges, but you should endeavor to visit a vet regardless.

• Socialize Your Dachshund Puppy

You can get rid of the fear of new people and new animals from your newly adopted dachshund puppy by taking them on a walk to experience the outside world. Engage your puppy with strangers and your friends. Allow strangers to touch and play with them regularly. You may organize different activities with other puppy owners, where it would get the chance to play with other puppies. Take your Dachshund puppy with you in different transportation mode, grass surface, and introduce them to wood floors, metal, and other things that might be strange to them. These activities take away thephobia of strangers in them.


Taking in a new dachshund puppy requires a lot of attention and commitment. It may require you to forgo some of your daily activities to adjust your schedule to include taking care of your newly adopted dachshund. I will discuss possible challenges that you may face in the early stage of adoption.

• Back Problems (Intervertebral Disc Disease)

One of the most common issues associated with dachshund is the back problem, which is a result of their short leg weakness to carry the long back. You can manage this issue by watching the dachshund’s food composition and ensure you don’t overfeed your pet. Overfeeding increases the puppy’s weight, which leg might not be able to endure.

• Burrowing and Digging

Dachshunds are bred for hunting, which is why they like digging. If left alone for longer periods, they may start digging the floor. You should not allow your little pet to wander around alone except you lock them in the crate.

• Separation Anxiety

Dachshund puppies do not like to be left alone by themselves. So you need to manage separation anxiety by training your pet to understand you would return soon. Separation anxiety may cause your dachshund puppy to destroy your properties when you are absent for long. To control this, avoid direct contact with your puppy when you want to go away. Feed the puppy when you are about going out to distract them from not noticing you.



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