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Every dachshund is unique in its way. Knowing all the facts about a dachshund will help you make an informed purchase. Breeder differs in techniques and methods, and these are considered when determining the price of a dachshund. Also, you can view costs from the perspective of litter and puppy differences.
Are you wondering about what I said? Do you probably thinkabout the difference between two or more dachshunds? Don’t worry; I will bediscussing the reasons why prices are not the same for every dachshund.

Dachshund, also known as Weiner dog, has a unique physiology. The quick to recognize part of the dachshund is the elongated body associated with short and chunky legs. Dachshunds don’t come at lower prices, but people find it difficult to determine the cost of acquiring one.
This write-up is for aspiring dachshund owners who would like to know how to identify and estimate the price of a dachshund. 


Dachshunds rank high among the well-known dog breeds across the globe because their maintenance cost is meager. Dachshunds’ eyes catch people’s attention whenever they are walking, with a resemblance close to hot dogs.

Dachshunds, especially the puppies, come in attractive brown color with little white in between. People have different motives for buying dachshund, and a substantial part of them would eventually pay big bucks if they finally find one.

You must be ready to pay a high price for an offspring of a dachshund as no breeder would be willing to let go of their famous pet at a cheaper rate.


It is vital to conduct thorough research before deciding to buy from any breeder. This is because some breeders are not trustworthy and can be shady with their dealings.

You can get a dachshund through online platforms or pet houses, but the majority of them are profit-oriented with little concern about its health. Finding a reputable breeder is the best way to get a healthy dachshund, though it might be costly.

There is variation in the price of the dachshunds, usually subject to breeder’s quality. Their prices range between $500 and $1500. However, adopting a dachshund would cost you from $100 to $300, depending on the breeder you choose.

Ever wonder the reasons behind price variation among these dachshunds? Let’s dive into what causes changes in the price of dachshunds. 


• Location

For every country, we have many breeders utilizing different techniques and methods for breeding. The cost of getting materials differs for every country, which forms part of the factor considered to set the price of a dachshund. Also, for a particular country, take, for example, the United States with many counties. Cost varies per province as well as per city in every county.

However, you can get a dachshund at a relatively low price if you can identify a state with many dachshund breeders. This is because high competition may force breeders to reduce their amount to the best possible rate.

You must do your homework to know the city with quality dachshunds. Don’t buy the dachshund from a breeder you are not comfortable with hid dealings. Be open to options and select only the breeder from any city you choose.

• Breeder’s Reputation

Because there are many breeders, reputation makes some breeders stand out among the rest. When it comes to the dog breeding world and purchasing decision, one crucial factor that plays an influential role is reputation.

There are a lot of things to benefits when you deal with a reputable breeder. Although a good reputation comes with a higher price, you tend to get the value for your money. Reputable breeders don’t compromise the health of the dachshund for profit. Inexperience breeders focus on colors and attractiveness.

Also, breeders differ in the knowledge and skills of breeding dachshunds. A professional breeder takes into consideration the well-being of the dachshund with eyes on quality and attractiveness, while a casual breeder may care less about the health.

• Dachshund Characteristics

Most times, people neglect the fact that colors, gender, and coat play an essential part in the price determination of a dachshund. Take it or leave it, a reputable breeder incorporates these characteristics in his charge for different dachshund he has at hand.
Breeders charge high premiums for dachshunds with rare colors. The dachshunds with standard colors are available at a price relatively lower than the ones with unique colors.

Female dachshunds are slightly costlier than the male dachshunds. This is holding to the reproductive ability of the female dachshunds.
Eyes’ color is another feature used to differentiate dachshunds. Green, brown, and amber eyes are the common types for most dachshunds, but few of them come with blue eyes.

• History of the Dachshund

A professional breeder keeps records of the dachshund family in order of birth. You can trace a dachshund’s pedigree to its parent. A breeder without genealogy of the dachshund loses the track record of the birth of the dachshund.

You can get an official pedigree to register your dachshunds with a Kennel Club. However, the fact that a dachshund is expressed does not guarantee good health.

History of the dachshund is a great way to know the potential skills your dachshund would be exhibiting as it grows. Also, it gives insight into what the health status of the dachshund would be in the future. 


• Feeding

Your dachshund will be consuming food through its growth channel. Without adequate feeding, your pet may lack the strength and energy to engage in different activities. Therefore, you will be purchasing dog food from time to time to keep your dog healthy and strong. Feeding the dog throughout its lifetime comes at a higher cost.

• Dog Crate

Although it is a one-time purchase, dog crates are expensive. It is one of the components to prepare for the arrival of your dog. It is the best way to housebreak your puppy, even though it is not compulsory. Veterinary doctors recommend it because it aids dog training.



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