Showing your newly adopted Pembroke Welsh Corgi love 

Every dog owner should be ready to take care of their pet as a child. Showing your newly adopted Pembroke Welsh Corgi love has to do with a lot of planning the same way you prepare the arrival of an unborn child. In the long run, your Corgi will become an integral part of your family. Pembroke Welsh Corgi, if properly taken care of, offers unconditional love, even when you are not in the best of mood. Never underestimate the importance of responsibility in building a relationship with your pet.

So how can you take care of the latest member of your family? Continue reading this article for guidelines on taking care of newly adopted Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Being an active dog with lots of energy, Pembroke Welsh Corgi needs playing time that matches the power in them. Part of the routine you will be creating should include enough playtime and a frequent long walk to contain its energy. Failure to give room for it, your Corgi might be very restless, wondering about making noise and destroying properties. One familiar peculiarity of Corgi is continuous barking when bored and in the state of inactivity. Some dog owners don't have the surroundings to engage their Pembroke Welsh Corgi for playtime. There are dog parks with enough space suitable for the kind of play your pet requires.

Playtime activities are incomplete without toys to keep your dog busy. Corgis chew a lot, so it is ideal to buy enough chewing toys to prevent it from destroying your valuables. Another challenging toy that keeps your puppy entertained is a puzzle; it aids Corgi's learning. Healthy teething is one of the advantages derived from the puzzle and chewing toys. However, don't allow your Corgi to perceive playtime as a chore.

Corgis can grow stubborn and rude if not placed under routine training and activity. Giving Pembroke Welsh Corgi a lot of freedom without structuring its routine gives it the impression that it can behave anyhow it likes and might be adamant if you want to transform it later. Take, for example, Corgis like food; they can eat in every hour if given the opportunity. So as a dog owner, it is a best practice to control the time you feed your Corgi and be sure to adhere strictly to that time.

Just like feeding routine, you must be consistent with playtime and the long walk. Pembroke Welsh Corgis are sensitive; they can get accustomed to daily activities in a short period. Once you've attained a certain level of regularity in its routine, you should never stop taking it through the process. And if you must do, you should take it away gradually till the Corgi forget about that particular activity.

One of the ways of taking care of your new Corgi is by providing a secured space for it. Sometimes, your pet will need to rest after it must have exhausted its energy. A crate offers it that opportunity to have that privacy to themselves. When buying a crate, look for the one with enough space to allows it to move around in it. Although Pembroke Welsh Corgis are medium size dogs, small crate might be useless when they grow to be an adult. Your Corgi's crate should not be far away from your sight. You should give your Corgi access to the crate whenever it wills to go inside. Don't leave your dog outside its secured room when you are busy with other things.

Corgis, sometimes develop separation anxiety if they are not allowed to be on their own. You must not intrude on their privacy whenever they want to be alone; instead, make your puppy toys available in the crate so that it can keep itself busy.

Puppies need vaccination and checkup once they become part of the family. Early visitation to the vet office can help to identify health issues that may arise and curative measures to prevent it from happening. Some ailments are not noticeable, which is why it is essential to take your Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy for consultation with a vet doctor.

Get your puppy familiar with visitation to the vet office, such that it feels it's pleasurable. Play with your little Corgi by carrying and touching its paws, so that it won't feel nervous during checkups. You should prepare for the unexpected, even though you want the best for your dog. Checkup outcomes may require you to spend a lot of money to take care of your dog. You should be ready to keep your Corgi in good health through its lifetime.

Some health challenges come unexpectedly. Probably, you are not financially buoyant at that time. You become worried about the health of your little Corgi. Well, there would be nothing to worry about if you invest in pet insurance. With pet insurance, unforeseen medical bills will be taken care of when any health problem shows up.It gives assurance of quick and adequate care for your Pembroke Welsh Corgi when it falls sick or afflicted with a severe health issue.

However, you can create personal savings for your Corgi if you have no interest in pet insurance. It requires a high level of consistency because you never can tell when an issue will arise and how much it will cost you when it does.


Corgis are friendly dogs and a perfect complement to any family regardless of the size. As they grow, they become an integral part of the family that you don't want to lose. They replicate love and care in multiple folds than what you offer to them. You can't help but like them a few months into coexisting because they will make your heart melt. If you would like to get the best from your Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy, you must commit your time to take care of it from the moment you take it home.



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