Are French bulldogs Good Family Dogs? 

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Dogs are lovable pets, and most families would like to have them around their homes. French bulldogs are a fine breed of dogs you can have for a pet. However, if you have a family with kids, you must be wondering, are French bulldogs good family pets?

Pet owners with large families always like to know how well their pets can adapt to the environment. So, if you have a family and are thinking of buying this french breed of dog, one question that comes to mind is; are French bulldogs good with kids? Adapting to a home setting with kids has never been a problem for Frenchies. This article will give some vital information about French bulldogs.

History of The French Bulldogs

French bulldogs got official recognition from the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1898. This dog is said to have its origin from English bulldogs.

Workers displaced from England to France took along the English bulldogs in the 17th century. There were also cases where English dogs were bred in size and taken to France.

Although Frenchies have blood ties with other species such as terriers and pugs, there is a significant difference with English bulldogs.

A key difference between the English and French bulldogs is the shape of the ears. The Frenchies have bat-like ears, while the English bulldog’s ears have a rose-like form.

However, we are interested in knowing how this breed can adapt to families. And that brings us to the next section.

8 Reasons Why French Bulldogs Are Good Family Dogs

If you are looking to get a bulldog for your family home, here are eight things you should know;

  1. French Bulldogs are good with kids.

Frenchies are good with kids. They can become playmates with your toddlers and even help keep them fit. Kids could also learn from the Frenchies.

So, adapting to a home setting with young or grown kids is not a problem for the French bulldogs.

  1. Frenchies are good with other pets.

Are French bulldogs aggressive with other pets? The answer is No. Pet owners looking to add another pet to their homes may worry about how both can cohabit. Some dogs may become aggressive at the sight of other pets due to fear of competition. But this is not the case with the French Bulldogs.

  1. Adapts easily to family lifestyle

Frenchies are easily adaptable to the lifestyle of families. They can adjust well to the family's bedtime, wake-up, and even food time. These traits make it easier for families to give the dog better attention and care.

Also, having visitors into your home will not be a big issue with the Frenchies. But training would be helpful in this situation.

  1. Require soft exercises

Dog care could be an issue for a busy family where parents go to work, and kids go to school. However, you do not need a lot of physical therapy with these dogs. Long walks twice a week, and gentle exercises would do. So, having Frenchies suits people with tight schedules.

  1. Frenchies do not bark too much.

The last thing any pet owner wants is a loud and noisy dog, as you are likely dealing with that from a large family. French bulldogs are not the loudest or most boisterous. So, you do not need to worry about them barking too much. However, to avoid barking, keep them away from mirrors as they could bark from seeing their reflection.

  1. Average size

For a family with numbers, you would not want to have problems with space. French bulldogs have an average size and will not occupy a home with family.

  1. French Bulldogs are entertaining.

Having a French bulldog comes with some excitement. With Frenchies, you do not need a TV to get entertained. They are playful and happy dog species. There is not a dull moment with the French bulldogs. Funny facial expressions and frequent jumping around are one of their characteristics.

  1. Frenchies are lovable and affectionate.

French bulldogs are loving and affectionate dogs. They are always ready to show their lovable side. If you have a Frenchie, showing them love and affection would be vital in helping this breed adapt to your home quickly.

So, these are some facts about the French bulldogs. Although they are easily adaptable to your home, house training can play a vital role.

How Can I Train A Family-Friendly French Bulldog?

brown french bulldog
  • Socialization

For every dog, socialization is even more critical. And it involves how your kids and the family interact with the French bulldog. 

Playing and sharing time with Frenchies is something you have to teach from when they are pups. Sometimes, kids might hurt the dogs, resulting in an aggressive reaction. That is why this area is very vital. 

  • House Training

Although French Bulldogs can easily adapt to your home style, training them to do so is necessary. 

Also, giving them attention can be essential. Your family might find it hard to bond with Frenchies without frequent interaction with these dogs. 

  • Health Issue

Health is one area that every pet owner must not overlook. Frenchies mostly have a problem with snoring and overheating. But the primary health concern lies in their vulnerability to allergies

A compressed spine is another genetic health problem with French bulldogs. Health insurance would be vital in keeping any pet healthy. 

  • Diet

Two meals a day for your Frenchie is okay. However, the diet and nutrition of the dog should be in conversations with your veterinarian. The quantity of their diet may depend on factors such as; age, medical history, size, and activity. Monitoring the amount of food they take could help avoid canine obesity

  • Grooming

French bulldogs are good family dogs that require your grooming and brushing. They have a fine and short undercoat, which means a weekly brushing will do. You can also bathe them once a month.


Frenchies are friendly and lovable dog breeds. These dogs are also great in any home setting if you give them good house training. Some of the traits we have discussed show French bulldogs are good family dogs.

However, as a dog owner, you have to nurture Frenchies in the best possible way. Socialization, house training, and health are some critical factors to tackle. But generally, French bulldogs are family-friendly dogs. 



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