French Bulldog Price and Are Frenchies High Maintenance

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The French bulldog price range depends on several factors. On average, Frenchies can cost about $1 500 to $3 000 to purchase. But it has to come from a reputable breeder. This breed also comes with the burden of maintenance.

There are some explanations for the price tag of a French –which we will discuss in this article– and it also prompts questions such as are Frenchies high maintenance?

Like other dogs, French bulldogs also come with some maintenance responsibilities. Of course, this would require some cost. That is why we will discuss everything associated with the price of a Frenchie.

How Much Does a French Bulldog Cost?

Buying a French bulldog is not the cheapest option you could have as reputable breeders put high price tags. However, a budget-friendly alternative is getting a Frenchie from a rescue home. Either way, you have to also deal with the maintenance cost of a French bulldog.

The lowest price you can get a French bulldog from a reputable breeder is $1 500. However, the price could be as high as $8 000. These expenses do not even cover the maintenance fee and health insurance.

Purchasing from a breeder may seem too expensive, and you might want to adopt a Frenchie. In this case, be ready to cough out between $350 to $550 from a rescue home.

The Factors That Affect the Price of a French Bulldog

The price of a French bulldog may also differ depending on some factors. These factors include;

  • Age
  • Size
  • Purebred or mixed
  • Location
  • Color
  • Gender
  • AKC Dog registration


The age of the Frenchies is a vital factor. Younger French bulldogs are more expensive because reproduction requires artificial insemination and C-section. Both of which are costly processes for breeders.


More miniature French bulldogs are more expensive than bigger ones. That is because of the tedious task of breeding smaller versions of Frenchies.

Purebred or mixed

French bulldogs come with ties from other bloodlines. Frenchies, which undergo cross-breeding with other breeds of dogs, are relatively more expensive as they come in different colors and coats.


The area matters a lot in determining the price of a French bulldog. Demands, numbers of breeders available, and the supply are common factors affecting the cost of buying a Frenchie. Below is a breakdown of the average prices of a French bulldog in different states across America;

State in the US

Average Price

California and Florida

$2 900

New York

$2 600


$2 500


$2 400


$1 400


Color is another factor that can affect the price of a French bulldog. Traditional white and black Frenchies are cheaper. Uncommon colors such as blue and lilac tend to be more expensive.


The price of male and female French bulldogs differs. Females are more expensive, and that is due to their reproductive abilities. Male Frenchies also seem to be more stubborn than the female French bulldogs.

AKC Registration

Dog breeders registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) are said to be trustworthy. That is because registration and approval from AKC require that breeders meet specific standards. Buying a French bulldog from a breeder approved by the AKC will increase the price. However, you are sure of getting a good and healthy Frenchie.

Are French Bulldogs High Maintenance?

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A lot of vets consider Frenchies as high-maintenance dogs. There are a few factors that show French bulldogs are high maintenance. They include;


The Frenchies' personality requires that their owners are always close to them. French bulldogs always love a lap and would also want to sleep on your bed sometimes.

So, you should note that this breed does not want to be in isolation for too long.

Health Issues

Frenchies come with various health problems, and you have to take precautions. Some of the common health issues with French bulldogs include;

Brachycephalic; This is a biological problem with almost every French bulldog. Frenchies have flat faces and, as a result, are vulnerable to breathing problems.

Patellar Luxation; This problem is common among older French bulldogs. It comes as a result of kneecap dislocation. Over-exercising your Frenchies can also trigger this problem.

Tracheal Hypoplasia; This is a genetic problem that narrows your dog's trachea, causing their internal airways to narrow. It can also lead to severe respiratory problems for French bulldogs.

Joint pains; It is familiar for Frenchies to have joint problems. The kneecap dislocation is a good example. Also, spinal malfunction and vertebrae diseases are underlying health issues.

Cost of Maintenance

The cost of essential care is another reason Frenchies are high-maintenance dogs. You should expect to spend a lot of money maintaining a French bulldog, from health insurance to feeding and other expenses.

Breeding Cost

Breeders are mainly on the receiving end of this factor. Breeding a French bulldog is not the easiest to handle amidst their health and other problems. According to research, the average amount to breed a Frenchie is $7 000. So, if you were wondering why the French bulldog prices are always high, I believe you know now.

What to Know Before Buying a French Bulldog

There is some essential and primary care that your Frenchie needs, and you must pay attention to it. Here are some basic care tips you need to know before buying a French bulldog;

  • They need Grooming
  • Bathing (once in a month or two)
  • Nail Trimming
  • French Bulldogs require Soft Exercise/training
  • Cleaning your Frenchies’ ears
  • Vaccination is important
  • Pet Insurance is essential
  • Feeding
  • French bulldogs also love Toys


The Frenchies are among one the most expensive dog breeds. Part of this is due to their high demands and the cost of breeding. French bulldog prices could vary with so many factors. We have discussed these factors, including age, size, location, and color. However, maintenance could raise another expectation for spending, with health issues among why Frenchies are high maintenance dogs.

So, I believe this article has given you a comprehensive knowledge of the prices of French bulldogs and their maintenance.




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