How Much Do Pugs Cost?

How Much Do Pugs Cost?


Pugs are popular choices for pets and are great family dogs. They are playful, good with kids, and socialize with other household pets. They are small dogs that don't require as much activity as other breeds. They are sensitive to heat and love to eat.

Since they are a popular breed, the cost of buying a pug is somewhat on the high side.

How high?

Read on to find out how much pugs cost and what it costs to own a pug.

Key Takeaway

Pugs being small dogs, are not as expensive to keep compared to bigger breeds. However, since they are popular and in high demand, they can be quite expensive.

How to Own A Pug

Owning a pug is quite simple; you can;

  1. Rescue one from a shelter or animal rescue: but beware, these cute dogs are so popular that they get adopted really fast. Getting a pug from a rescue shelter is the cheapest way to own a pug, as you would only pay a small fee for adoption or get it for free! Check with your local animal shelter to see if they have any pugs available for adoption or rescuing.
  2. Buy from a breeder: This is the most expensive option. Before buying a pug from a breeder, do proper research to ensure you get the best pugs. Pugs are known to have respiratory and spinal problems, among other numerous health issues. Some of these issues are hereditary. Finding the best-licensed breeder will ensure that you get healthy pugs. Buying a pug from breeders costs between $600 and $2000. This is the average price range.

The price for a pug is dependent on other factors such as;

  • Age: Younger pugs are in higher demand. The younger a pug, the more expensive it would be. Puppies cost from $800 to $3000 (if from a champion bloodline ). Older pugs cost between $200-$400 ( you would usually find older pugs in animal shelters)
  • Coat Color: Pugs are usually black or fawn (as recognized by the American Kennel Club). Other colors include; blue, silver, chocolate, and apricot, amongst others. Of the two recognized colors, the fawn pugs are more expensive as they are more common. You can pay between $400-$800 for a black pug while paying between $1200-$1800 for a fawn pug. The harder it is to breed them, the more expensive they are for the other colors.

Other factors include; the health status of the pug and the location (country, city/countryside).

How Much Do Pugs Cost?


How Much Do Pugs Cost?

As discussed above, you can get a pug for free when you rescue one or pay between $50-$100 for adoption. When you choose to buy from a breeder, you can pay from $600-$2000. However, it doesn't end there. The cost of owning a pug also entails all the money you will be spending on setup, food, supplies, health care, and pet insurance.

Pug Setup and Supplies

Pugs are big on comfort because of their homely and lazy nature. However, they are small dogs, so you don't need as many supplies as you would for bigger dogs. Usually, you won't have to spend much on supplies once you have bought/rescued/adopted a pug except for the first year.

You can expect to spend from $1500-$3000 in your first year as a pug owner. Below is a list of supplies your pugs will need and how much they cost.

Tag and collar - $30

Neuter - $175

Dental care - $300

Bed - $35

Nail clipper - $10

Brush - $15

Leash - $10

Pee training pads - $25

Food and water bowls - $15

Crate - $40

Toys - $30

Harness -$30


Pugs love to eat, and you may be tempted to indulge your pug by spending a lot of money on food. Pugs are prone to obesity because they eat a lot and don't engage in such activities. To keep your pug healthy, you must ensure it gets nutritiously balanced meals (get dog food specifically made for pugs). The average cost of dog food for pugs in a month ranges from $20-$75. This brings it to an annual average range of $249-$900.

Healthcare and Insurance

Pugs are prone to health conditions from respiratory diseases to spinal problems and skin infections. With a healthy pug, you won't have to spend much on healthcare. However, pugs can develop health problems as they grow older.

Regular visits to the vet may cost from $100-$300. Common medications like tick/flea medications cost from $15-$20. You can't exactly fix the cost of healthcare for your pug, but you can expect to spend between $50-$200 monthly. This depends on how healthy your pug is.

On the other hand, pet insurance for your pug ranges from $30-$50 monthly. Getting pet insurance for your pugs will make medical care easier and more accessible.

Monthly Cost of Owning A Pug

After the first year, you can expect to spend between $80-$120 monthly. However, you should set some cash aside for additional costs like grooming, dog-sitting, professional training (optional), and other miscellaneous things.

Are Pugs Expensive?

Pugs are not as expensive as some other dog breeds but can also be costly when you consider the healthcare fees. This is why it is important you get a healthy pug from a reputable, responsible breeder.


The cost of having a pug is relatively fair and not too expensive nor too cheap. Pugs aren't the most expensive breeds, but you may be spending more than usual due to their health issues. Pugs cost between $800-$2000, while the monthly cost of owning a pug ranges from $80-$120.

The most important thing to know before buying a pug is its health status. Getting a healthy pug (at a quite expensive cost) is better than getting a cheaper pug and spending a fortune on healthcare.



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